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Complimentary In-house Functional Assessment
We believe that each client has individual needs when it comes to being able to function independently at home. A functional assessment by a professional Occupational Therapist will give you and us recommendations on how to create your personal barrier-free environment. Occupational Therapists will meet with you in your home and watch how you function and operate in the space.  They will watch you conduct routine activities of daily living and provide specific recommendations that will help you improve your quality of life, independence and safety.  These recommendations can help you with how you currently function or provide suggestions to modify the environment. They are health care professionals and will consider your current and future health care needs and incorporate those into the recommendations.
In some cases the assessment is done through OHIP by CCAC or insurance companies but could take weeks. There are those who need this information quickly and can seek out this service through a private sector.   
We beleive strongly in the value of this assessment that we will include a complimentary in-house functional assessment report completed by a registered Occupational Therapist (to a value of maximum $500) when you hire us to complete a barrier free bathroom, complete home renovation or any combination of work greater than $10,000. We could also credit the fees(maximum $500) of any recent reports that can be used for this renovation by a Occupational Therapist or Physio Therapist of your choosing.
Please contact us for more information 613-899-3044