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When Should You Consider Using a Ramp?

A ramp can be used to overcome changes in level as an alternative to using stairs. A ramp is ideal for people who are having a mobility impairment which leads to difficulty negotiating stairs and/or greater risk for a fall.

Bathrooms When considering a ramp it is best to offer both an option for stairs and ramp that will allow people to choose the best options to suit their needs, which will result in a more universal accessible design.

When considering a ramp you have three design options:
- Landscape
- Wooden
- Modular

Landcape: A landscaped sloped and graded entrance is the most esthetically pleasing. In most cases when done well, the ramp is disguised within the landscaping and does not say that there is anyone with a disability living within by curb appeal.

Landcape method is the most universal design application because is aesthetically pleasing and blends into the environment. It would appeal to anyone of any ability.

A landscaped ramp can be built without railings as the slop is gentle, unless there are abrupt drop offs. Just as it sounds this design includes landscaping with gentle sloping walkways and grading to overcome changes in level. Most use an interlock, concrete or ashfault. This approach is generally limited to smaller change levels.

Wooden vs Modular Ramps: First let’s understand ramps and standards. By code the ramp must meet a rise (slope) of 1 in 12 inches but in most cases is should be greater than that. In most cases a ramp of 1 in 15inches, 1 in 18 inches and even 1 in 20 inches are easy to people to maneuver, especially those with limited strength or stamina.

A wooden ramp can be esthetically pleasing, yet a more noticeable structure. In some cases it can be more cost effective than landscaping gradual slope. However, when landscaping is not an option you have two options wooden ramp or modular.

There are some considerations. A wooden ramp is attached to the home and requires a building permit whereas a modular ramp does not. Modular ramp can be installed quickly within a week with limited damage or change to current landscaping. Modular ramps can be easily removed and maintain some value for resale.

Free Consultation:
Contact us for a free consultation. We consider the following elements when planning residential ramps.

Snow & Weather

We offer options for landscaped, wooden or modular ramps and we will take the time to help you find solutions for your needs and make informed decisions. Call us today at 613-899-3044