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The number one thing that an individual can do to prevent a fall risk is add an additional handrail. Many Occupational Therapists will recommend having two handrails one on each side of the staircase. You can also install handrails outside. There are a variety of products on the market from cost effective to custom match.

Grab bars are used for fall prevention and can be installed just about anywhere. Typically installed in the bathroom but also near the entrance door, bedroom, kitchen etc..  An Occupational Therapist can help you understand the best placement for your individual needs.

Grab bars, themselves, come in all sorts of sized, colours, quality etc.. Grab bars that are disguised as soap dishes or towel racks. The key to grab bars is to ensure you have proper support within the wall to allow for your individual weight. It is not enough to install wall anchors to support the grab bar. You must install them into proper studs.

We install grab bars starting at $50 per bar (bar extra) and can offer you a variety of products to choose from.

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