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January 2013
Ministry Reports
Living Longer, Living Well

Living Longer, Living Well - Highlights and Key  Recommendations From the Report Submitted to the Minister of Health and  Long-Term Care and the Minister Responsible for Seniors on recommendations to  inform a Seniors Strategy for Ontario.


January 23 2013
"Celebrate a Barrier-Free New Year"
By Mathieu Monfils

This holiday give the gift of Barrier-Free Living. This year you, your parents or a loved one may need some assistance to stay at home safely and independently. An accessible environment is your gift to an independent lifestyle. Winter can hold you captive, accessibility within the home can provide well needed freedom and quality of life throughout the cold and icy months.

Creating a barrier-free home can also give you the gift of peace of mind. Comfort that you or your loved one’s home is safe for everyday living. Nearly half of all injuries to seniors happen at home. Proactive fall prevention can be as easy as the installation of railings, ramps, grab bars or addition of main floor living spaces such as laundry rooms, bathrooms or bedrooms.

There are many options to aging at home, resulting in confusion and many waiting until there is a crisis. Most people need help sorting through the possibilities. A professional company such as HomeFlex, provides solutions for seniors to comfortably age at home by renovating for accessibility. They can provide a specialist who can assess you and your home and provide recommendations on what is feasible based on the homes current construction.

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