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There are so many options when is comes to an accessible bathroom products.First it is important to note that we do not sell specific products. What we do is source out products based on your individual needs, budget and design wishes.

The following are your standard options:

Custom Bathroom with Walk In Shower.
This is our most popular because it is aesthetically pleasing which means it bring value to your home should you decide to sell but also it is cost effective.
We remove all the old finishing’s including the bathtub and insert either an arylic walk in shower insert or we build a custom shower with a low or zero threshold base.

Walk In-Tub
Again we do not sell specific brand of walk in tubs, we work with a variety of suppliers. This provides you with options.
Considerations for walk in tubs are obviously price but also the threshold step. Also the drainage and warmth of the bathroom. You will have to sit in the tub while it fills and drains, so we want to ensure you are comfortable and safe during that time.

Call us in Ottawa for a Walk-in tub at 613-899-3044

Tub to Shower Conversion
There is a very simple way to gain quick access to you bathroom. An individual will come in and cut out your tub install a cap and voila you can walk into your tub. The cost for the starts at $895.00